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Startup name: Wexplore Srl
Registered Office: Italy, Milan
Established in: 21/04/2017
Startup Category: Social innovation
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Validation by Rèseau Entreprendre Lombardia)
Founders: Alessia Di Iacovo, Gabriella Lusvarghi


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Wexplore Srl

Since the past 10 years, international mobility is an increasingly pervasive trend, involving an extensive population who are relocating abroad as a part of their own study path, their career journey within a company, or to reunite with their partners. Conversely, companies and academic institutions have now the unprecedented opportunity to leverage on a global pool of talent, with their own specific needs and retention mechanisms.
Wexplore is the first online platform dedicated to international career management and mobility, offering e-learning, consultancy and live coaching as modular services to individual customers and organizations. Our value proposition is based on technology with a human touch, leveraging on digital innovation (eg. blockchain and AI) and the expertise of 2 networks we partner with, allowing Wexplore to be present in more than 50 countries. By focusing on the global job market and on cultural skills as a key competitive asset for both companies and professionals, Wexplore aims to offer across multiple markets a flexible, agile, and high-quality solution, to address the rising trend of international mobility of talents and resources.

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