Wastly s.r.l.

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Startup name: Wastly s.r.l.
Registered Office: Italia, Cagliari
Established in: 14/10/2015
Startup Category: Green
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (2015:Insight; 2016: Voucher Startup; 2018: "Bologna città civile e bella"; 2018: "Programma per le nuove imprese innovative")
Founders: Paola Obino, Davide Melca, Claudia Paolella


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Wastly s.r.l.

Wastly is a web portal used to trade Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs) deriving from waste recovering and recycling in the context of Circular Economy.
Wastly is a digital platform where Circular Economy operators like manufacturers, collectors, transporters and intermediaries, recovery, disposal and recycling plants, municipalities and citizens can meet each other to market Secondary Raw Materials. Our platform helps them to find the contacts of the subjects involved and to verify the authorizations of the recovery and disposal plants. Thanks to Wastly the SRMs are reinserted in the loop of Circular Economy.
Wastly’s mission is to create a virtual market for waste at a European level, to incentivize Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs) circulation in order to save in raw materials, respecting the environment and human health, as foreseen by recent European directives concerning the Green Economy, on the evolution towards a zero waste Europe as well as on Circular Economy.