Startup name: Stargraph
Registered Office: Italy, Rome
Established in: 4/05/2017
Startup Category: Entertainment
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Capri Startup Competition 2017)
Founders: Michele Imbimbo, Ursula De Masi


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Stargraph is a Live Event Engagement Platform focusing on Digital Autograph. Through our Apps and integrations, fans can receive an authentic and personalized Stargraph Autograph when they participate in major events such as concerts, matches, Formula1 and MotoGP races.
The Stargraph Autograph is an original and unique asset backed by Blockchain Technology.
By including Stargraph into their event experience, organizations can activate their fans.
In 10 years from now, Stargraph will be the infrastructure for a blockchain powered market of digital merchandising in the Sport and Entertainment business. Brands and Stars will be able to create digital merchandising and use Stargraph as a new marketing channel to gain more revenue and boost fan engagement. The fans will have their own collection of digital items, distributed by brands before, during and after live events. Each one a unique item certified thanks to blockchain technology. Thanks to this unique qualities they will be able to trade them for cryptocurrency or real money and give birth to a secondary market regulated by users buying and selling digital merch.