Splitty Pay srl

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Startup name: Splitty Pay srl
Registered Office: Italy, Milano
Established in: 18/04/2018
Startup Category: Fintech
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Techitalia Lab @London)
Founders: Matteo Anthony Destantini, Alberto Porzio


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Splitty Pay srl

Splitty Pay is a newborn fintech startup founded on April 2018, we are based in Milan at Fintech District and in the meanwhile we are attending an acceleration program in London. We are currently testing the beta version of our platform and we will go to market by the end of the year.
Very often people go through a negative payment experience in the purchase for several reasons:
– insufficient funds on card,
– credit card limit obastacles purchases of relevant amounts,
– discomfort in collecting/anticipate money for others.
Our innovative payment tool allows people to pay online purchases splitting the amount on multiple cards. We aim to makes easier the payment phase for the buyer and on the other hand boosts sales for the merchant.
We operate a B2B2C business model. In the introduction phase the service will be free of charge for the users, we will evaluate to introduce users fee in the future. Merchants pays a 2% fixed fee on the transaction amount.

img-startup-Splitty Pay srl