Softcare Studios (TOMMI)

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Startup name: Softcare Studios (TOMMI)
Registered Office: Italy, Rome
Established in: 7/06/2017
Startup Category: Digital Health
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Hack Merck 4 Health 2016, Web Marketing Festival 2017, Pfizer Healthcare Challenge 2017, Premio Nidi 2017, Premio Marzotto 2018, Startup Europe Awards (2017-2018), InnovAzioni 2018 and more.)
Founders: Valentino Megale, Cristian Currò, Bruno Lenzi, Gianfranco Damato, Chiara Aielli


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Softcare Studios (TOMMI)

Softcare Studios is a digital health startup working to improve patients therapy experience and therapy efficiency using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our core technology is AI-based VR, we call smart VR. We design VR experiences able to measure patients therapy related skills and biometrics providing objective metrics about their wellbeing conditions and stress levels (thanks to innovative methods of data collection and analysis based on proprietary AI and medical oriented VR design). The final goal is to make our VR experiences able to adapt to the complexity of patients conditions and needs, improving their positive effects and support during medical treatments.

Our first project is TOMMI, a VR game developed to help children better cope with stressful and painful medical treatments and improve therapy adherence, aiming to reduce patients’ sedation rate and providing them stress, clinical anxiety and pain relief. TOMMI is designed with a special focus on pediatric oncology, but it also applies to pediatric dentistry and orthopedics, and it involves children parents too during the gaming sessions.

At the same time, game levels are developed to test children therapy related psychomotor skills and the project uses proprietary AI to measure stress related biometrics through innovative data collection and analysis methods. This way, TOMMI provides objective metrics about patients wellbeing conditions and stress levels, aiming to support children tracking during therapy and support the medical staff work routine.

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