Smart Track

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Startup name: Smart Track
Registered Office: Italy, Genova
Established in: 15/10/2014
Startup Category: Industry 4.0
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Ansaldo Xfactory Industry 4 Award 2017, Iren Digital Strat Up Award 2018, Unicredit StartUp lab award 2018)
Founders: Saverio Pagano, Simone Peirani, Maurizio Valle, Fabrizio Cardinali


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Smart Track

Every industrial revolution had to cope with different
societal issues when introducing new methods and technologies at the workplace. Today
every 15 seconds 1 worker dies & 153 are injured for work accidents accounting for
more than 320 million accidents every year, of which 2.1 ML fatal (source International
Labor Organization). Whilst new machines and robotic work forces enter the scene,
turning factories into safer working environments is clearly emerging as THE main
societal challenge for making the industry 4.0 revolution a success for all, humans
included. Smart Track™ is an innovative European start up developing a ground
breaking IoT platform, with dedicated wearable tags and sensors, smart algos and apps
to avoid human injuries and men-machine collisions on the work floor. In case of an
industrial accident, Smart Track alerts safety managers & guides emergency teams
intervention, escape and evacuation plans. If increasing Human Safety is your Industry
4.0 top priority, Smart Track is the solution!

img-startup-Smart Track