Skypull SA

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Startup name: Skypull SA
Registered Office: Switzerland, Dino-Lugano
Established in: 17/09/2017
Startup Category: Renewable Energy
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Venture Kick (Switzerland), De Vigier (Switzerland), ESA BIC (Switzerland))
Founders: Aldo Cattano, Marcello Corongiu, Nicola Mona


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Skypull SA

Skypull is an autonomous tethered drone that climbs to and captures the power of altitude winds that are stronger, more abundant and continuous than the winds that drive conventional wind turbines.
By reaching higher altitudes and avoiding heavy and cumbersome infrastructure, Skypull is cheaper and better deployable than current wind energy technologies.

We see a real complementary potential to other renewables and competitiveness with fossil based power production for airborne wind energy with an estimated cost below CHF 0.05/kWh, for Switzerland, in Central and Southeastern Europe and on other continents. Together with the wider applicability and scalable industrialisation we think this can make a real difference for energy transition.

We would like to demonstrate the potential of this technology with a 60-100 kW Skypull system that we develop until 2021, in collaboration with pilot customers. It is also strategically planned, to start from 2021 demonstrating safety and convincing law makers and others of the potential for this renewable solution, ahead of completing a MW scale commercial system until 2023.

Beyond the financial economics that speak for airborne wind energy we are especially convinced about the resource economics of airborne wind energy, which should be considered for the scale of capacity required for energy transition. Airborne wind energy like Skypull will be most energy efficiently for creating this capacity and return embedded energy more than 100 times, at least 5 times higher than can be said for wind turbines.

Skypull has a great team with industry experienced aerospace engineers, altitude wind energy specialist and business economist. Our engineering and especially industry experience are behind the design of this safe, efficient and scalable solution and our passion to work for combating climate change behind our plans and strategies how to convince politics and public.

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