Startup name: Sharelock
Registered Office: Italy, Rome
Established in: 2/11/2016
Startup Category: Cybersecurity
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (StartupItalia Open Summit 2017 Cybersecurity Special Award - European Commission's Seal of Excellence under Horizon 2020's SME Intrument phase 2)
Founders: Cristian Lucci, Andrea Tomassi, Giuseppe Martinelli, Gianluca Valentini


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Sharelock is a software solution whose Artificial Intelligence autonomously learns the standard profiles and behaviours of users and entities across time and peer groups horizons. Activity that is anomalous to these standard baselines is presented as suspicious and packaged analytics applied on these anomalies can foresees and prevents possible attacks or frauds in real-time. Minority Report, the 2002 blockbuster of Steven Spielberg
in which the psycho-police foresaw crimes before they happened, is now a reality.