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Registered Office: ITALY, FIRENZE
Established in: 28/05/2018
Startup Category: INDUSTRIAL
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no



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Our product has been designed and built to fill a gap in demand dictated by an increasingly current need with the aim of preventing the risk of attacks and ensuring high levels of safety at public events and for a more effective protection of the safety of the spectators.
Not having found any specific product (with the exception of the classic New Jersey that is generally used in Italy as the main tool to block a possible vehicle bomber) we have created, patented (in November 2017) and created a unique mobile anti-terrorism barrier in Italy.
Our project was born as a result of the episodes that occurred from the summer of 2017, of attack with attacking vehicle (primarily of terrorist nature but then also subject to emulation), after which we have done extensive studies and research in the reference market, beyond to inspections of the Anglais promenade subject to a terrorist attack in Nice on 14 July 2016 and to the Rambla in Barcelona hit by a van attack on 17 August 2017.

We have successfully tested the use of our barriers with a high level of satisfaction by the organizers in numerous events held in the city of Florence, which are also national in nature.
We have received positive feedback and comments from some police offices and prefectures of our territory, to which we have presented the product and its certification.
The market to which we intend to direct the offer is that of local authorities, especially the larger municipalities with a high tourist flow and the organizers of private and public events of various kinds also at national level (musical, sporting, cultural), especially those with high media impact and greater risk of interference. We aim to place the device at 50% of our contacts.
Since we obtained the crash test reports with a positive result just over a month ago, we have not yet attacked the reference market. The test also certified that our barrier is able to stop a 1,500 kg vehicle launched at a speed of 64.9 km/h in less than 4 seconds.
In Italy, at the moment, there are no similar products to ours; from research carried out by our innovation department, only one patented mobile product was found, in Europe (Belgium) but with characteristics different from ours. The devices used up until now in our country are the classic New Jersey, heavy, unsightly, which requires vehicles such as the truck for transport and the forklift for handling, and therefore high costs over long time, also do not allow the passage of rescue vehicles, once positioned, until the end of the event and their subsequent removal. In case of a vehicle attack, the vehicle can become very dangerous for the crowd, as the impact with New Jersey causes the dispersion of debris on the crowd and the possible fire of the vehicle. Our barriers are equipped with fire extinguishers with valves predisposed to the opening in case of impact with a vehicle.
The other fixed barriers, such as flourish, poles, posts and bollards, are also not able to stop the run of vehicles like trucks in a short time.

Our mobile anti-terrorism barriers are certified, and able to stop a vehicle in a few meters, easily movable to guarantee access to the rescue and police vehicles and an easy exodus of people with an innovative aesthetic impact, which thanks to the possibility of personalization of the barriers, induces the viewer not to perceive the presence of instruments attributable to the potential danger of the event, identifying them as simple advertising banners (customizable).

Since our innovation is protected at the patent level, we believe that this puts us in a competitive and economic advantage and is a barrier to entry for competitors, at least in the short term.

2.5. The entrepreneurial / managerial team and the background of experience

At the moment our entrepreneurial team is composed of two entrepreneurs in the private security sector, two design engineers, a doctor in economics with in-depth knowledge of the public administration and expert in the organization of major events and public tenders, some experts in the organization of public and private events and in computer engineering, administrative staff and logistics operators.

We have commissioned a law firm to protect our industrial invention.

We use some local suppliers to purchase the material (construction steel S275JR steel according to EN 10025) and to process and manufacture the product.
After the filing of the patent protected invention with DOC. 10201700013 *** made on 28.11.2017, we have created a limited number of barriers waiting to find the reference standards on which to perform the crash test (our barriers are not inclused between road safety devices).
At the moment we have realized a limited number of pieces (equal to 100 meters of barriers) since we were waiting to carry out the crash test and obtain the relative certificates of conformity to the standards according to ISO IWA 14- 1: 2013 – PAS 68, whose tests (crash tests) were carried out on 29/08/2018 with positive results and for the parallel development of further innovative products for safety.

Our anti-terrorism barriers are also modular, with modules of 60 cm and 12 cm of external support and therefore adaptable to different needs.

Following the execution of the above mentioned crash test we have taken a cue for a further innovation that will be deposited shortly at the patent level.
We have proposed to bring our product as a gift to two important European cities hit by terrorist attack with the attacking vehicle and positive interlocutions are already under way with the respective mayors.

The main goal we aim to achieve by the end of the year is to present our new product in Italy through a targeted communication to public administrations throughout Italy and to the main organizers of events at greater risk of interference in order to ensure the safe conduct of the events, to protect the safety of the parties involved in the event, and to support the organizers, both public and private, through the rental of our product including the desired personalization.
At the same time we will adopt actions aimed at promoting and spreading the culture of safety.

To make up for the constraint dictated by limited financial resources, in the absence of which it is difficult to make an industrial production of the device, we are proposing partnership agreements with other businesses, operating in the field of security and organization of events, studying the access to subsidized loans for project financing, innovation and fund raising through the possibility of participating in regional projects and in the context of European funding.