Safety Environmental Engineering srl Spin Off UNIPA

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Startup name: Safety Environmental Engineering srl Spin Off UNIPA
Registered Office: Italy, Palermo
Established in: 5/05/2017
Startup Category: Safety, Environmental, Energy
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Scintille an innovation & engineering project; First eight finalists tartCup 2016 Palerm; Startuppato 2016; Greening the Islands Awards 2016; semi-finalists Tilt contest; Eureka Award for Sicily; P.O. F.E.S.R. Sicily; finalists international competition; NEXT ENERGY project;)
Founders: Giuseppe Ragonese, Donatella Termini


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Safety Environmental Engineering srl Spin Off UNIPA

Our company works in the field of the environmental safety and, thus, all the issues related to the man and environment protection are included in our mission. Therefore the proposed innovative idea SCH-PV is perfectly centered in our mission. In particular, our idea concerns the safety of man and environment in the use of the renewable sources (particularly the solar energy through the PV panels) while ensuring the safety conditions of man and environment and increasing the energetic efficiency. Thus, the goal of our company is to develop innovative strategies and models able to improve/guarantee the safety conditions of the environment. The project related to the SCH-PV device fully responds to our goal because it allows to guarantee the safety and the ordinary maintenance, thus improving the efficiency and the durability of the photovoltaic systems also allowing the continuous monitoring of the energy and the safety parameters.In May 2018, the prestigious SAPIO award for safety research and innovation was awarded to the Safety Cover H PV project. The prize money was awarded by the Sapio Group, under the patronage of the Italian Senate, Italian Universities and other research institutions.

img-startup-Safety Environmental Engineering srl Spin Off UNIPA