Startup name: RE.DA
Registered Office: Italia, Genova
Established in: 1/01/2013
Startup Category: Industry 4.0
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Fabiano Gollo


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RE.DA helps real estate agents, home stagers, builders and real estate investors to enhance properties in a practical and fast way thanks to high-resolution printed cardboard furnishings!

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How realistic is this furniture? DETAILS MATTER:

Is this furniture strong enough?

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8 reasons why realistic cardboard furniture is better the real one for home staging:

1. Realistic: printed at very high resolution to give your property the WOW! effect that you were looking for

2. Modular: 5 modules to combine to create your custom furniture

3. Customizable: choose the most suitable style for each property among many textures and colors!

4. Easy to transport: cardboard is a very light material. Disassembled take up little space: you can put 2 whole kitchens in a car 😉 You do not need vans for transport or freight elevators to reach the upper floors.

5. Easy to assemble: no complicated joints or screws or bolts.
No drill to use to make holes. Thanks to practical joints you can assemble and disassemble the modules with a single gesture, as many times as you want

6. Resistant: designed to withstand over time. Thanks to the use of the most robust carton on the market and to a lamination of opaque plastic that protects the print you can assemble and disassemble the same kitchen as many times as you want and use it in several buildings

7. Economic: the same effect of a real furniture with 80% discount

8. 100% Made in Italy: the project has been entirely developed and produced in Italy