Predit Srl

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Startup name: Predit Srl
Registered Office: Italy, Milan
Established in: 24/10/2016
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Achieved formal validation from SAP Startup Focus - invited in 2018 by SAP to showcase at NRF Big Show NY and pitch at Vivatech Paris)
Founders: Gianni Pelizzo, Techedge Spa


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Predit Srl

Predit is a startup born in 2016 and based in Milan. Predit is partnered by Techedge Group, a leading IT services and solutions provider and SAP Gold Partner.

The mission of Predit is the ideation, development and marketing of cloud-native enterprise applications for the Fashion market, with a focus on predictive analytics based on machine learning.

In Fashion and Retail there is a significant gap between what customers buy and what is produced and stocked leading to off-price sells, canceled production orders and markdowns.This has huge Economical, Brand and Environmental impact.

Predit can help your business:
– make smarter decisions in new product development
– maximize product appeal to customers
– reduce risk and costs of unsuccessful products

Even before sales campaign, sourcing and production starts, thanks to tailored machine learning models trained on:
– product technical data
– sales and ecommerce data
– unstructured data from other sources (e.g social, pictures…)

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