Plotino Self Print Service

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Startup name: Plotino Self Print Service
Registered Office: Italy, Milano
Established in: 1/01/2013
Startup Category: Industry 4.0
Financing round: no
Working prototype: no
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Alessandro Tatarelli, Ludovico Vernazza


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Plotino Self Print Service

As an architecture student, which I am still, I felt the print service obsolete and not aligned with students’ life, architects and XXI century common citizens needs in a smart city such as Milano.

Leading into the Forth Industrial Revolution we turned this lack into a project. 2 years of research and design of the software brought us to open our first store in March 2018.

The service has been designed to be user-friendly and so the copy shop is so basic to be used. All you need to do is to sign up on our website and to buy virtual print credit which you will need it to print your files. No cash is allowed. A personal PIN code is provided to all the users and with it they are free to get in whenever they feel to.

We firmly believe that the strength of the idea is the scalability of the business model. The hardest part of the project, which is the software, is done and we are implementing it with new services day by day. For the stores which we are going to open next the investment in therms of time and money is nothing compared to the first opening.

Plotino Self Print is not innovation only but we trust to give the public a better service in therms of speed, user experience and quality.