Startup name: PharmaPrime
Registered Office: Italy, Rome
Established in: 26/07/2016
Startup Category: Health
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Y Combinator School,Pioneers 500, Pioneers health, Infoshare 2018, Cosmofarma 2018.)
Founders: Luca Buscioni, Lisa Cristianini


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PharmaPrime is the first European pharmacy on-demand platform that enables customers to receive pharmaceutical, paraPharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary goods, at the lowest prices, from top-rated local pharmacies in 40 minutes.
PharmaPrime provides direct channels to pharmacies for the acquisition of new customers with no cost for logistic, marketing or IT.
PharmaPrime is integrated with pharmacies retail systems in order to provide real-time stock. Pharmacies instantly receive the order and payment from PharmaPrime. Thanks to PharmaPrime, Pharmacies have the opportunity to gain a better knowledge about customer preferences through reports generated by our platform. If the prescription is needed, our Pharma Man (messenger) can collect it from the customer or from the doctor and deliver it directly to the pharmacy.
Customers can track the entire process in real time through the PharmaPrime platform.
PharmaPrime also takes into account multiple issues that surround pharmaceutical companies, regarding their relationship with their final customers.