Startup name: Matereo
Registered Office: Portugal, Coimbra
Established in: 1/01/2013
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (ESA BIC. This prize enables entrepreneurs to receive comprehensive business and technical support to set up their business using space technology for non-space industrial and commercial uses. )
Founders: Jorge Vieira, Tiago Cristovão e Ricardo carmona




MATEREO specialises in Structural Bridge Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, enabling early damage detection and providing reliable diagnosis, essential to improvement of bridge’s integrity and extending their lifetime.
This technological start-up is incubated at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Coimbra – Portugal
The objective is to optimize the processes currently used in bridge maintenance using sensors for data collection in real-time and, through MATEREO’s proprietary algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence, predict the occurrence of structural damage, so that these can be solved rapidly from the root. The monitoring system with predictive intelligence – B2M, developed by MATEREO, allows to detect and perceive the root of problems on bridge structures, allowing total connection between the bridges and the maintenance teams, so that the necessary repairs can be carried out in the shortest time possible, with clear benefits for the management and safety of its users.
MATEREO technology uses plug-and-play equipment compatible with all sensors, regardless of brand, model or age. The B2M system collects real-time data from all the sensors installed in bridges, directly into our cloud platform. Then MATEREO’s proprietary algorithms powered with Artificial Intelligence continuously analyse all the collected data, thus identifying patterns that detect faults and anomalies in the structure. Detection algorithms continuous learning, from new incoming data and insights, allows to reach more reliable diagnosis over time, increasing the useful lifetime of bridges, the predictability of maintenance operations and the safety of the infrastructure.
Faults and anomalies in bridges’ condition and performance are automatically identified and communicated in real-time to maintenance teams, allowing early detection of potential problems, ensuring better efficiency and performance of each bridge.
The Bridge Monitoring System with Predictive Intelligence – B2M, developed by MATEREO, is the result of several years of research and development, in this field, that has allowed to reach an innovative solution that arises as the natural evolution on Bridge Structural Health Monitoring processes, turning the maintenance process into an exact science.