Mash&Co srl

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Startup name: Mash&Co srl
Registered Office: Italia, taormina
Established in: 20/07/2015
Startup Category: Education
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (App Campus Microsoft - Filmteractive Poland - Tim Wcap - Creative Business cup - Digital EHON award Tokio - Google for Entrepreneur Seoul - French Tech Ticket - NFID France - Comet Paris&Co )
Founders: Vincenzo Merenda, Katrin Ann Orbeta


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Mash&Co srl

Mash&Co is an innovative start-up focused on creating transmedia experiences and animation, combining storytelling and interactivity, founded by Vincenzo Merenda and Katrin Ann Orbeta in 2015. The founders have a humanistic and artistic background. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, they have completed their studies and obtained their BA Degree in Graphic design and their MA degree in Editorial Design. Subsequently, they attended the University of Applied Arts called “MOME” in Budapest, Hungary and worked for “KEDD” animation studio, nominated for the Academy Awards 2007 with the animated short film “MAESTRO.

In 2015 Microsoft believed in their transmedia project Mash&Co which also became the name of their start-up. Then TIM within TIM#WCAP thought in the project as well and accelerated the start-up giving financial support, a mentorship, and other benefits. They collaborated with the telco company too for the development of an interactive educational app for primary school children, a project supported by the Italian Ministry of Education and the State Police. Mash&Co received several awards. France Tech has invested in the company. The start-up is working on the relative animated series, in the pipeline by 2019.

img-startup-Mash&Co srl