Linky Innovation srl

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Startup name: Linky Innovation srl
Registered Office: Italia, Falerone
Established in: 31/05/2016
Startup Category: Smartcity
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Ecapital Business Competition, Unicredit Startlab (between the first 8 startups), CNA premio cambiamenti (finale italiana))
Founders: Paolo Pipponzi, Cristiano Nardi, Giovanni Laserra, Fabio Deminicis


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Linky Innovation srl

Linky aims to be a reference on personal environmentally friendly mobility solutions in Europe and North
America by 2030. The brand mission is to provide unique products that increase the freedom and
independence of its customers with an uttermost respect for the environment.
To start fulfilling that mission Linky Innovation developed a foldable electric longboard, a unique product
designed in Italy made to be a fun and different solution to solve the last mile mobility issue for the young

img-startup-Linky Innovation srl