Krill Design

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Startup name: Krill Design
Registered Office: Italy, MILANO
Established in: 23/10/2018
Startup Category: Industry 4.0
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Ivan Calimani, Luca Lulleri, Yack Di Maio


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Krill Design

Beyond Milano Design is a sustainable product design company that directly manage the whole product life cycle (design, manufacturing and sale) with the innovative concept of cloud manufacturing. Instead of centralized production and worldwide shipping we go toward worldwide production with no shipping, moving production right next to the end user. Since we are strongly focus on sustainability, we embraced circular economy approach using a bioplastic made from food production chain waste as key material for our products. With local production and leveraging on circular economy our business has positive effect of environmental sustainability.

Cloud manufacturing is possible since there are in the world more than 5 million 3D printers with an average use of just 10%. We use that excess of production capability to move manufacturing close to the end user. We can identify and interact with this 3D printer’s owners through 3D printing community where this people offer to share unused time of their 3D printer. Thanks to that we can run production in 1.000 cities spread through 150 countries.