Startup name: KPI6
Registered Office: Italia, Rubiera
Established in: 15/07/2015
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Alberto Nasciuti


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Data has become the new fuel, but few companies can really
leverage and monetize it.
KPI6 is a Social Data Intelligence Company empowered by AI as a
Service and Blockchain for personal data integrity and transparency.
KPI6 has developed a Software as a Service platform that helps
marketing professionals, decision makers, and data analysts to better
collect and process relevant data with machine-learning actionable insights.
In order to disrupt the traditional Media Intelligence platforms, KPI6
has superimposed an interpretation layer based on Artificial Intelligence to show automatic insights about the people and business behind media conversations.
Our platform focuses on three core segments:

Analytics: an environment dedicated to sheer listening, which enables
the creation of requests to the databases of the most important
social networks and online public sources.

Audiences: an environment where KPI6 enriches user groups, previously targeted during the listening phase, with demographic and psychographic information with crystal-clear transparency and
collected in compliance with data processing regulations.

Personal Data Marketplace: provides stability and depth to its data
source through a Blockchain-based solution to collect and store private opted-in data in exchange for revenue sharing-based remuneration.