Knowhedge – MYWAI Smart Speaker

image_startup_Knowhedge – MYWAI Smart Speaker

Startup name: Knowhedge – MYWAI Smart Speaker
Registered Office: Italy, CHIAVARI (GE)
Established in: 27/01/2017
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Fabrizio Cardinali


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Knowhedge – MYWAI Smart Speaker

MYWAI is an innovative entrepreneurial idea, submitted on 3/05/2018 by proposer Knowhedge S.r.l. to the Italian Patent Office (submission Nr. 102018000005044 ), for the design and engineering of a new generation smart speakers product line designed by AI professionals for non AI professionals’ and now available as version 0.1 and selecting seed Investors for full product engineering and world wide delivery

Available both in a boxed version for inclusion within Industry 4 Edge appliances or in a styled pyramid form desktop smart speaker with access to a certified, blockchain like, IOTA marketplace for AI algos distribution network, MYWAI delivers the promise of artificial intelligence directly at the edge of Healthcare Professionals, Fintech Advisors and Industry 4.0 managers desktops, with the needed levels of trusted privacy as requested by recent regulations (eg European GDPR).

MYWAI: making the smart machine economy happen for all!

img-startup-Knowhedge – MYWAI Smart Speaker