Startup name: Jobiri
Registered Office: Italy, Crema
Established in: 8/09/2017
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Finalist at the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (ongoing), Finalist at the Social Innovation Tournament 2018 organized by European Investment Bank Institute (ongoing), Winner at «Welfare what a business!» italian competition for social entrepreneurs, Gaetano Marzotto Award (Winner within the category “From idea to enterprises"), Winner at IF Challenge organized by Area Science Park, Winner at In4startFVG, Winner at «Research and Innovation» organized by Regione Lombardia)
Founders: Claudio Sponchioni, Roberto Sponchioni


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The job market is profoundly changing. On one hand, global unemployment increased from 170 million people in 2007 to an expected 203.8 million in 2018, of which about 75 million are young women and men. On the other hand, due to their traditional brick and mortar services, career supporting institution including public employment centers, university career services, schools, municipalities and employment agencies struggle to find a sustainable model able to support anyone.
Providing unemployed and job seekers with the best opportunity to land or transition to a decent job as aimed by United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 8, requires rethinking and retooling national systems with more advanced, inclusive and accessible career supporting solutions. JOBIRI addresses the unique needs of both jobseekers and Institutions, enabling anyone to be supported 24/24 hours through an artificial intelligence based digital career advisor.

JOBIRI is the first AI based digital career advisor that provides personalized suggestions and tools to help jobseekers land a job faster. At the same time, it helps schools, universities, public institutions and HR companies to better support candidates while simplifying candidates monitoring and engagement. JOBIRI is innovative in 2 key areas:
1) Service: JOBIRI provides a trusted, easily accessible and innovative full stop shop solution of career tools 24h/24. The platform has a double interface: the Jobseekers’ interface provides: (a) career goal self-assessment tools, (b) curriculum and cover letter builders tailored by roles and industries, (c) a smart CV analyzer which automatically analyses CV to provide feedback, job offers and courses at national and international level, (d) self-service interview simulations to discover the best answers and strategies to succeed even in the most challenging interviews, (f) content library and a concierge that helps candidates to remind deadlines and organise all research activities. At the same time, JOBIRI is available for career support institutions. Thanks to the support of JOBIRI on daily activities, career coaches have more time to devote to the neediest jobseekers and can track and manage a higher number of people which will not be possible without our platform.
2) Technology: JOBIRI’s proprietary AI algorithms can automatically assess Curriculums, provide feedbacks on 15 variables to improve them and suggest job offers or courses based on user profile. As our technology is based on machine learning algorithms, the more jobseekers browse the platform, the better and more tailored are job matching, feedbacks and job search path suggestions.

Since its launch in September 2017, JOBIRI is showing strong potential both at job seekers level (89% of usefulness reported by users, 75% declared that they found a job thanks JOBIRI) and institutions level (the Catholic University of Milan publicly declared in an article that in 10 months, they were able to save between 3.000 to 4.000 man hours of career coaching thanks to JOBIRI). Furthermore, the rollout of JOBIRI within large institutional Italian clients and in Águeda (Portugal) is demonstrating the scalability of this social impacting innovation.
JOBIRI has been established to have a systemic impact to guarantee that inclusive technology could create greater economic and social opportunities for everyone.

Please support us to progress together the European job market.