Hephaestus Venture srl

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Startup name: Hephaestus Venture srl
Registered Office: Italy, Roncaro
Established in: 19/12/2016
Startup Category: Social innovation
Financing round: no
Working prototype: no
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Antonino Saccà


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Hephaestus Venture srl

Hephaestus Ventures is a private equity fund supporting the growth of Corporate Venture Capital through the creation of an accelerator in Milan called HV Labs to support the creation of new products and services and the expansion abroad of Italian Companies towards Brazil, United States, China, South Africa, Russia and India, United Kingdom and Germany. We support Senior Managers in their process of Digital Transformation to create Spin-Off of the projects of Open Innovation of the Corporates from which they come from in these verticals: FinTech, Energy, Smart Mobility , Digital Health.

img-startup-Hephaestus Venture srl