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Startup name: hand sense
Registered Office: Italia, Napoli
Established in: 1/12/2018
Startup Category: Fashion device wearable; Big data (social network qrcode); Marketing free
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Marco Mambelli


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hand sense

New startup – Customer experience – hanger, device wearable technology, application

New business model solution – Retail
Hanger, device wearable technology, application qrcode; we are looking investors, capital ventures, brands; to climb the market in less time – contact startup mail [email protected]

CX – Customer eXperience contest
Quick, quickening, quickly, we bring people directly into the business by generating awarennes; hand for hand, customers are accompanied towards all the qrcode, in store, in the profile, product, link. hand sense, in addition to a social network qrcode, for the most demanding, even an innovative product that can be purchased (hanger, device wearable technology).
Now, now the change, it’s time to scale this business model, in a global way, through customer omnichannel, shop experience zone. The customer Journey now it’s direct, real, products in the stores, always connected; to decide autonomously the purchase, the logistics, the payment methods, even without queuing at the checkout, never been so easy to consult your own history experience, find and consult the stores visited physically, the products explored and purchased, share the personal outfit, manage discounts, all in a real way, all included in one application social network qrcode.
All you need is a profile, add products, services, events, link, other, print the qrcode that is generated, we’ll take care of the rest, the salespeople become digital assistent, marketing becomes free, fashion vanity, a style.

– Target & vision: not just a product, even a social network (innovative platform / application); for merciant, for product, for people, for customer, fore store big and small. hand sense, written all in lowercase, una customer experience real, also omnichannel, marketing free for everyone, the big data generated, they talk to us, and add value to people, to the business. Sell-in also sell-out, arwareness free mode; realty bring in the you store, for you interests, your business …. in the your zone with contest feel & feeling (Contacts, experience and certain actions), through experience, the perception of each individual, here is the added value. Many big, they define all this impossible to trace, a great challenge, but today we are here, here is hand sense over one device, plus an interactive display, beyond an intelligent camera to be inserted in the stores that observes the emotions, beyond a traditional hanger.

– Scope & engagement: contact real between people and business, in the era of the intelligent artificial, computing is embedded everywhere, in places, in the product, things, our homes and cities. The world is digital, we anticipate the needs and wishes not expressed, service before, during and after the purchase process. Trust and perception are fundamental values in the purchase decision, fidelity today is crucial, engagement, emotion, physical contact, now it is transparent, measurable, usable (hand sense).

Product – hanger, device wearable technology; concept new, the change after about 150 years of history compared to traditional hanger, now it is connected, useful, innovative, not just a support tool. Design illustrated in video, is a luxury series in crafted leather, available in customizable shapes, materials and sizes (textiles, silicon, etc), to compete with the very low prices of traditional hangers. A new window towards the world, for the business, for every product, for your person, strong impact on the new hierarchy.

App – Actual style following & followers (VIRTUAL click for engagement VS e-commerce online), new mode predictive realty style feel & feeling (REAL contact for engagement VS commerce offline). Available beta version, allows each individual user, through the simple logic of feel & feeling, to know in real time every contact / reading qrcode made feeling, feel. hand sense, logic of marketing free, history, engagement, outfit, order, payment, and more in one application, organizational (you are the Leader), strategic (privilege of analytics Intelligence), operational (measure the sell-in & sell-out).

All rights are reserved, copiright, trademark is registered – contact info: [email protected].com

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