image_startup_GETCOO SRL

Startup name: GETCOO SRL
Registered Office: Italia, Villanova di Bagnacavallo (RA)
Established in: 20/11/2015
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Resto del Carlino MADE IN E.R. 2015, Innovami "NIDI 2015", Start Cup ER Ravenna, EIT Idea Challenge "Smart city & mobility" finalist, FbStart Bootstrap Track, CNA Premio Cambiamenti 2016 & 2017 finali)
Founders: Stefano Berti, Claudio Berti, Roberta Grasso, Jona Sbarzaglia


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GETCOO is specialized in the development of Computer Vision-based solutions, has been established in November 2015.
We developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology named DART (Direct Acquisition and ReTrieval) for Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR).
With respect to other CBIRs, DART allows one to identify specific objects and not just generic categories (e.g., “self-tapping screw code: H725″​ instead of “a screw”​ or “fasteners”​). This represents GETCOO’s unfair advantage over its competitors and allows us to tackle markets not explored by our competitors.