Gengle, genitori single insieme

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Startup name: Gengle, genitori single insieme
Registered Office: italy, firenze
Established in: 3/06/2014
Startup Category: Social innovation
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Regione Toscana gave us a prize for social innovation)
Founders: Giuditta Pasotto


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Gengle, genitori single insieme

GenGle is the network of mutual help for single parents created as a portal and social network to respond to the need to support single-parent families and offer a platform for comparison on how to grow new social relationships to achieve real support from a virtual tool. GenGle proposes recreational activities for its members so that the social relationships created on the social network become real and are transformed into a network of support and proximity in which everyone can contribute in his or her small way to the overall realization of great things. “GenGle” is the Italian neologism that we have created to distinguish our community: PARents (= partents) sinGLE

Our goal is to export the social network to Europe and turn it into an even more usable app which will offer new winning features. The single-parent condition generates a new and widespread psychological, social and economic vulnerability that causes discomfort and suffering to all members of the family. The separation strikes the person like a storm and leaves them with neither the time nor the reasoning to manage emotions, to seek comfort, to find good professionals and fewer opportunities than ever before for recreation. GenGle members have access to any information needed to support the separation they are experiencing and find themselves involved in a social group that gradually lifts and fills the abyss of loneliness that affects the parents and children. GenGle offers socializing activities that bring people into contact with each other and gives parents the opportunity to talk and playfully reconnect with their children. GenGle manages in a calm and non-invasive way to bring people closer together, to teach people to help and support each other and to connect – if and when necessary – professionals with users, acting as a winning mechanism that gives the parent the chance to recreate a social network in which their children are actively included: the parent will become the main actor of his or her resurgence and the child will be at the centre of the new parental situation.

GenGle is born from the personal experience of its founder and the collaborators and users who have contributed a part of the solution to the project. Technology offers us a pool of interactive users who ask us new questions every day about the single parent condition, so after three years of studies, we have identified the main problems and how to solve them.

Our members – at premiums of more than 53,000 – are thus composed of: 70% women 30% men The 38-52 year old age group, with children aged 6-15, represents the highest percentage of presence; parents with 0-6 year olds and parents with older children are equally present. 42% of the members are employees and/or blue-collar workers, 27% are managers, entrepreneurs and/or freelance professionals and 17% are unspecified. Single parents are an absolutely transversal social reality, there is no social class of reference, there is no geographical area that establishes more separations than others. Single parents have the same needs, the same problems and have children who are experiencing similar difficulties.
Our magazine, GenGle magazine, is distributed in Italy to almost 200,000 people. To date, GenGle is present only in Italy. Our goal is to bring it to Europe and reach at least 4 countries in 2 years, establishing ourselves as a reference site and reaching a minimum number of 10,000 users/nation in the first two years. During this same period, we aim to double the number of registered members in Italy. Statistics from Eurostat – Statistics Explained state that in Europe, about 2,000,000 occur in 1 year and 1,000,000 of them divorce. In Belgium, 70% of marriages end up in a divorce; in Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Hungary, the divorce rate is more than 60%; in Italy, it is 50%.Our potential clients are all single parents in Europe.
GenGle was launched in a single city to study its development, growth and progress. In less than a year, it was possible to start the project in 8 Italian regions involving more than 15 cities. The GenGle team has written an operations manual entitled, The GenGle method of creating a community that explains how to start new realities in other cities or nations.

GenGle’s goal is to become known worldwide in all the countries where separation and divorce represent a concrete reality, to create a network of mutual aid starting from the provision of Social Digital Innovation services that favor the active participation of people and the creation of resources for the individuals to overcome the vulnerability as a result of the single-parent condition and promote the empowerment of the whole family system. The implementation is realized by exploiting the user base already registered with the Italian GenGle in Belgium, England, Switzerland and Germany. These users can be used to facilitate the transfer of the GenGle philosophy to their fellow citizens.


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