Startup name: ForTune
Registered Office: Italy, Reggio Emilia
Established in: 18/09/2018
Startup Category: Entertainment
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (2nd Place Startup Weekend Parma by Google)
Founders: Francesco Tassi, Gabriele Delmonte


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ForTune creates a personalized playlist of podcasts, news and music based upon users’ interests. Users can discover new relevant stories, enjoy an enriched listening experience and connect with people who love what they love.

ForTune is a tailor made listening experience in just one click.

Daily commuters can avoid annoying radio advertising and focus on what they like. Podcasters can talk directly to their audience and forget about distribution: ForTune broadcast their content to their target audience through deep learning algorithms. Companies can convey their message to a specific audience athwort an engaging storytelling.

On the users side, ForTune offers a free audio flow personalized on their interests.

To enable an on-demand listening, they have a monthly subscription.

On the authors side, they can sell collections of podcast on a specific topic and ForTune operates in revenue share with them.

ForTune is the first podcast platform that allows digital audio and podcast producers to establish an intimate and long term relationship with their own audience, thanks to an embedded communication system.

An author can also send direct messages, popup notifications and emails to its highly fond and specific audience paying a subscription based on the number of messages sent.