Startup name: Evja
Registered Office: Italia, Acerra
Established in: 29/06/2015
Startup Category: Smart agriculture
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: davide parisi, antonio affinito, paolo iasevoli


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Evja is revolutionizing agriculture by combining Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and self-calibrating agronomic models. Evja is participated by BayWa (GER) and RWA (AT), and partner of Deutsche Telekom. Its system, OPI, helps farmers fight climate change, lowering the use of chemicals and water, and allowing for a healthier produce. The European Union awarded OPI the Seal of Excellence in 2018. Evja showcased at the World Agri-Tech Summit in San Francisco as the only non-American startup, SMAU Berlin, World Food India and Mobile World Congress. Evja is the only smart agriculture company included in the top 100 Italian startups of 2017 by StartupItalia.

OPI is the first Intelligent Support System that helps farmers to lower the usage of chemical products and water. By using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, OPI allows farmers to monitor in real time their fields, everywhere they are. Thanks to its exclusive, self-calibrating agronomic models, OPI helps farmers prevent plant diseases. OPI is plug’n’play, just turn it on and it works. It is available for every kind of corps and offers specific, advanced features for greenhouse farms.