Ernesto – Buytron srl

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Startup name: Ernesto – Buytron srl
Registered Office: Italia, Roma
Established in: 1/01/2017
Startup Category: Home Services
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (
Founders: Riccardo de Bernardinis


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Ernesto – Buytron srl connects professionals and customers in the home services market. We capitalize on the recently emerging trend of digital startups to offer an opportunity for professionals to find new customers and new job opportunities – at the same time providing everyone the possibility to find quickly trusted and qualified pros.

Our target customers come from two distinct groups. Our professionals are primarily plumbers, electricians, builders, smiths and anyone
who provide home services looking to expand their network and earn an extra income on the side. Our target users are people who need help
to manage the house. Our best target is composed by people in their 35-55 age range.

Market research conducted confirms that targeting these customer groups in a platform offers an extremely big potential for Ernesto. Shifting
social, economic and technological trends are already changing the consumer perceptions in the home services field, making customers more
demanding in terms of the efficiency, reliability, price and evaluation.

Ernesto focuses on providing its target customers with an easy solution in the form of a peer-to-peer marketplace to meet their needs. For
professionals we offer a creative way to earn extra income by doing what they know to do. By listing with Ernesto they are able to practice their
skills, find new customers and job opportunities doing it at the time and price they are comfortable with. For users we provide a chance to have
a wide list of professionals in their area at affordable and agreed price. Therefore, for both parties, the platform offers a great chance to solve
problem in an efficient and innovative way.

At the core of Ernesto operations lies a marketplace business model based on the purchase by professional of virtual coins to send quotes
applying to the customer’s request. Additional revenue is derived from the premium services and advertising revenues.

Ernesto’s strategy success is rooted in the partnerships established with key market players. Specifically, the company aims to develop close
cooperation with companies specialized in the sale of products in this specific field (plumbing, electrician, gardening, cleaning, ect.) to secure a
continuous growth of new users.

img-startup-Ernesto – Buytron srl