Enki Stove

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Startup name: Enki Stove
Registered Office: Italia, Livorno
Established in: 2/11/2015
Startup Category: Green
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (ISPO Brand-new Award; Red Dot Design Award - Honorable Mention; CNRxExpo 2015, CambiaMenti - Finale Regionale.)
Founders: Ivan Mura, Andrea Moretti


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Enki Stove

Enki Stove is an Italian startup that designs and produces décor fire-pits, barbecues and fireplace inserts. All the devices are Made in Italy, eco-friendly and highly innovative. Our patented technology transforms the fuel into gas instead of burning it directly. Through this particular process, Enki Stove devices provide a clean, stable a smokeless flame, with almost no CO emissions.
We run a successful Equity Crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and (240K) and a 95K Kickstarter campaign in the same year to launch our first product Enki Stove Wild. We work with >10 distributors worldwide, we sell online and we develop our technology for other fireplace, stove and barbecue manufacturers as OEM as “Enki Stove Tech inside”.