Ecoplasteam S.p.A.

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Startup name: Ecoplasteam S.p.A.
Registered Office: Italy, Milano
Established in: 10/01/2017
Startup Category: Circular Economy
Financing round: yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Clima Team S.r.l., Sitrebi RE S.r.l., Replan Global SAGL, RTM S.r.l., PR55 S.r.l.


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Ecoplasteam S.p.A.

Ecoplasteam has a patented new industrial process to recycle multi-layers materials doing an innovative and new plastic material named EcoAllene™. The activity is the recycling of composite packaging paper – polyethylene – aluminium. After paper mills take off the paper layer, Ecoplasteam melts, with an innovative process, the two layers of polyethylene and aluminium creating a new plastic material called EcoAllene™. EcoAllene is easy to process, constant in his technical characteristics, colourable, 100% from recycling process, traceable and 100% recyclable again. It can be used in the huge industry of plastic injection moulding to produce several products for automotive, buildings, giftware and general tools markets.

img-startup-Ecoplasteam S.p.A.