Ecodyger Srl Società Benefit

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Startup name: Ecodyger Srl Società Benefit
Registered Office: Italia, Vergiate Va
Established in: 22/12/2017
Startup Category: Circular Economy
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (INNOVATION SHOWCASE 2018 -ECOMONDO; NAUTICAL INNOVATION AWARD - UK Trade & Investment )
Founders: Francesco Paolillo, Davide Paolillo


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Ecodyger Srl Società Benefit

Ecodyger PRO is a modern and innovative solution to reduce organic waste by up to 90% of its weight and volume. It handles any kind of wet waste including biodegradable plates, glasses and cutlery. Simple to use, requires no chemical additives and water. Ecodyger PRO returns, at the end of each cycle, a solid residue equal to 10-30% of the original waste. It‘s a true natural resource: organic-mineral fertilizer, perfect for agriculture and flora-garden nurseries.

img-startup-Ecodyger Srl Società Benefit