Startup name: Datarama
Registered Office: Italy , Venice
Established in: 1/06/2018
Startup Category: Big Data
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: no
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (StartCup Veneto)
Founders: Giulia Ciliberto, Lucilla Calogero, Giacomo Magnabosco, Denis Maragno




Datarama is a visual design agency specialized in the development of data visualization products and services aimed at facilitating medium, small and micro enterprises in the management and monitoring of data related to their own production, distribution and consumption chain.
In the technological framework of the 4th Industrial Revolution, conveying the shift of the global manufacturing system towards the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT), an exponential increase in the volume of data has occurred transversally to the different production sectors. Many manufacturing companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, struggle to manage and exploit the potential coming from this surplus of digital data. In fact, if properly exploited, these data can contribute to making the production system more fluid, efficient and interconnected.
The IoT applied to manufacturing covers a cycle that can be schematized in four phases: the production of data by the sensors; the storage within the cloud; the analysis aimed at making raw data interoperable; the overall efficiency of the system in productive, economic and energetic terms. Datarama introduces the visual translation of data as a fundamental component within this cycle, interpreting the ability to visually translate abstract concepts as a privileged channel in describing, analyzing and exploring the complex information systems implied by digital manufactory.
We mainly address our business to the medium, small and micro-sized manufacturing companies, a market that includes 88% of the enterprises that make up the Italian productive fabric, and that in Veneto, the target to which we initially address, reaches even the 99% threshold. With an “artisanal” approach to data visualization, Datarama develops tailor-made solutions aimed at supporting the SMEs in activities related to reading, gathering and sharing data, in order to enhance the global efficiency of the company in terms of capacity, continuity and security.
Our team consists of four complementary professionalities: Giacomo Magnabosco, digital cartography expert; Denis Maragno, data analytics expert; Giulia Ciliberto, visual and multimedia communication expert; Lucilla Calogero, expert in the project of interactive interfaces. These skills are complemented by expert consultants coming from disciplinary areas such as artificial intelligence, economics and finance, digital humanities and intellectual property protection, who already actively collaborate to the project and support the team in achieving the objectives.