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Startup name: D-EYE Srl
Registered Office: Italy, Padova
Established in: 1/03/2015
Startup Category: Digital Health
Financing round: yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2017)
Founders: Alberto Scarpa - Founder and CEO, Spencer Lee - Founder, Sales & Marketing US, Andrea Russo - Founder and Medical Advisor


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D-EYE wants to disrupt medical screening with smartphone-based systems. D-EYE Retina is the first product for retinal screening.
Ophthalmoscopy is a subjective exam of the back of the eye. The D-EYE system is connected to a smartphone is a breakthrough modern day digital combination that allows medical practitioners to record a routine exam and share with colleagues for further assessment. With the D-EYE system we aim to make vital retinal screening available and more accessible to the 300 million people around the world who are at risk of losing their eye sight. Our first device, the D-EYE Retina will supplement those tools for specialists, offering a frontline screening capability which may provide indications that further examination is required. In rural regions or remote parts of the world, where more sophisticated eye examination equipment (or perhaps not even basic health services) is not available, the D-EYE can be used to screen large groups, with data transmitted to a location where they can be reviewed by a trained professional. D-EYE will definitely open up the possibility of telemedicine applications in detecting eye disease among underserved, remote populations. The D-EYE Retina is a sophisticated camera lens design that eliminates corneal glare—it requires no batteries and can go anywhere a smartphone goes.
It is non-invasive: the examiner merely uses his/her smartphone and the D-EYE lens attachment to examine the patient’s retina.
D-EYE Retina is far less expensive than traditional eye screening equipment, and it also has the ability to record images and videos, which other portable eye examination equipment cannot do today.
In this manner, the D-EYE App records and documents the progress of treatment, providing telemedicine services. Furthermore, the AI engine-based D-EYE Cloud helps practitioners and medical staff, providing automatic measurements and assessments.
Trained staff will acquire images and videos of the retina and, through our AI service, a first measurement result will be provided. Moreover, the data acquired will be sent to a reading centre or retinal specialist.

img-startup-D-EYE Srl