Cyber Dyne

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Startup name: Cyber Dyne
Registered Office: Italy, Bari
Established in: 2/01/2012
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Principi attivi 2013. StartHope 2014)
Founders: Ernesto Mininno, Giovanni Iacca


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Cyber Dyne

Cyber Dyne solves problems. We developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine to support process decision making (mainly, engineering design, production planning&scheduling, workforce management). Our main product is KIMEME, a flexible cloud-based platform, that enables companies to optimize and automate their decision processes. Cyber Dyne currently serves several companies, among the others, banking, telco and manufacturing. Cyber Dyne partners with several University research centers in Italy and abroad, and with Accenture.