Startup name: Conio
Registered Office: Italia, Milano
Established in: 1/07/2015
Startup Category: Fintech
Financing round: yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (San Francisco Design Week Award 2018, Forbes Award 2018, RoboAdvisor e Dintorni 2018)
Founders: Christian Miccoli, Vincenzo Di Nicola


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Founded in 2015 by Christian Miccoli and Vincenzo Di Nicola, Conio is the first fintech company in Europe today providing to financial institutions, banks and insurance companies integrated solutions for digital asset management, from e-wallets to manage cryptocurrency holdings to the integration of blockchain protocols within cards and smartphone payment services. Conio solutions and e-wallets are offered in white and private label versions and may be seamlessly integrated within financial applications made
available by banking companies to their own retail, private and corporate clients.
Conio has developed the first Italian mobile e-wallet for bitcoin trading, based on one of the most innovative security technologies in the world.
The Conio Bitcoin Wallet is designed for any type of user and allows to purchase, sell, hold, send and receive bitcoins directly on your smartphone. Users may access their “smart-wallet” via a mobile app designed and
developed with the specific goal of simplifying a world that is often still too complicated for the general public. All it takes to start using the Conio Bitcoin Wallet is to download the app on your smartphone (available for Android and iOS). It immediately allows you to check the exchange value of the cryptocurrency and the content of your wallet.