Condomani Srl

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Startup name: Condomani Srl
Registered Office: Italia, Rende (CS)
Established in: 8/03/2013
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (ND)
Founders: Antonio Bevacqua, Federica Sesti Osséo


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Condomani Srl

Condomani is the social network for the management of the condominium. It is available at the link and is fully functioning.
It is web based. With Condomani a flat owner can submit a request for action to its Condos Administrator, even from his smartphone; monitor the progress of any work of condominium; check all the expenses; dialogue with other flat owners.
Condomani also supports throughout the Condos Administrator: from condominium meetings to budgets, from requests for assistance to requests for quotes. The administrator can receive reports made ​​by condominiums and forward requests for emergency providers default in just one click. In addition, he have the ability to create an auction transparently between the different service providers to request quotes. The administrator can forward each type of alert (e-mail, sms, fax, mail, voice messages) to all its condominiums, even those who do not use Internet, sitting comfortably on his couch.
The latest figures that come into play are the services provider. With Condomani they will be able to: receive requests for assistance; update on the evolution of the work; find new customers by launching offers; receive feedback on their operated.
These are just some of the many functions of Condomani that are revolutionizing the communal life of the people who have already chosen to use it.
In Italy the reform of Condos was approved some months ago. Among the keywords we find website condominium and transparent budget. This is exceptional for Condomani.

img-startup-Condomani Srl