Computational Life

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Startup name: Computational Life
Registered Office: Italy, Postal
Established in: 20/02/2017
Startup Category: Digital Health
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (accepted & graduated from startupbootcamp-digital health Berlin | selected to pitch in WolfSummit in Warsaw | selected to pitch in Digithon in Bari )
Founders: Carlo Rivis, Christian Contarino, Davide Chieco


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Computational Life


Living humans and animals should not be used as a testing platform to understand physiology and pathophysiology and to design medical devices and treatments.

Computational Life’s vision is to provide a Digital Avatar Platform (DAP) that simulates the human and animal body through highly complex mathematical models.

Our software represents a highly innovative testing platform to study the human and animal body in physiological and pathological scenarios and allows designing and quantifying the global and local effect of medical devices, drugs, treatments.


Living humans & animals can not/should be used as a studying platform. This is one of the most significant problems that is currently limiting the research in making a step forward in the whole health system. Medical devices, drug development, and medical hypotheses are tremendously tricky to test, design and optimize, simply because we don’t have data. Image to have a room with an infinite number of people that can be used for research. How far would you be in the medical device and drug development? How far would we be?


Compared to our competitors that are focused on modelling some specific and local geometry of the body that is not connected to remaining part of the body, we provide quantitative information throughout the full body system (arteries, veins, heart, microcirculation and brain fluids) allowing to study not just the solution, but also every side-effect. Moreover, we are able to simulate several types of devices in our model, allowing to test different scenarios and finding the best solution for the patient.

Our validated software is currently able to simultaneously simulate:
– Arterial and venous systems;
– Heart dynamics;
– Microcirculation;
– Pulmonary circulation;
– Cerebrospinal fluid;
– Brain interstitial fluid.

Many other models will be added to the existing platform, in order to achieve the final vision to have a complete Digital Avatar.


We provide our technology as yearly Licencing Software to the top companies in the world. Moreover we can work on specific project with the companies. Our target customers are:

– UNIVERSITY: to gain traction and reputation in the field, we create a partnership with the top university in the world that are working with MedTech companies. Working together, we can have access to the best PHD available on the market and also with innovative models/researches to implement in our solution;
– MEDTECH COMPANIES: the tool for MedTech companies is ready for the market and can be used to test several devices and hypothesis. Moreover we will work with them on a specific project in order to develop innovative devices not yet on the market.
– PHARMACEUTICAL: the actual platform has to be implemented with the models needed from the Pharma companies. We want to work together to develop the solutions they really need to simulate the transport of drugs in systemic blood circulation.


– The technology has been awarded from the international scientific community in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
– Computational Life has been selected to pitch in several international startup events:
– Wolves Summit 2018 – Poland
– Startup Boot Camp 2018 – Berlin
– Digithon 2018 – Italy
– Startup Boot Camp – Berlin has accepted Computational Life in its program about Digital Health.
– The Technology has allowed making an international discovery about the Glymphatic System, proving the connection between neurological disorder and vascular disease. The discovery will be published in the international scientific journal “Scientific Reports” and has already attracted the attention of several researchers around the world.
– Universities of different countries saw and asked to use the software. They will get an educational version before the end of September 2018.
– Some of the biggest MedTech and Pharma companies are approaching us to create a partnership and working together to the development of the Digital Avatar Platform.
– We are negotiating a 500K project with one of the top MedTech in the world.
– The biggest universities in Italy and Europe of the field are dealing with us to collaborate on projects.

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