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Startup name: comehome srl
Registered Office: Italia, MILANO
Established in: 7/08/2018
Startup Category: Entertainment
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Web Marketing Festival Price)
Founders: Michele Cesario, Daniele Chierchia, Federico Santaroni, Andrea Vitale


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comehome srl

Comehome is a community of people that share interests and passions participating in events hosted in private houses.
Our selected hosts organize jam sessions, house concerts, parties, dinners, movie nights, home theaters, games, themed events and much more. They describe their format, and open their private space to the people of our community.

Via our app/website, users can search for house events in their city, select which they want to join in and pay directly online the fee for participating. On the day of the event, guests will receive the exact address and they will go and live this new experience.
A digital platform that connects its users in real life. An easy, fun and safe way to meet new people.

Comehome is an innovative, money-&-time saving way to conduct marketing and market research.
Our clients can place their brands and products in the best comehome events, or create ad hoc formats.
We are able to select participants according to our clients target needs.

Brands associate to positive, fun and engaging experiences and can receive feedback from a targeted and profiled basin.
During sponsored events we can boost online reach via influencers and we partner with renowned firms to develop high standard market research reports.

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