BroxLab Confidently

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Startup name: BroxLab Confidently
Registered Office: Italy, Potenza
Established in: 1/01/2018
Startup Category: Cybersecurity
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: no
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Gerardo GRAZIANO, Francesco PERONE


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BroxLab Confidently

CONFIDENTLY is the revolution of online publishing model to eradicate the problem of digital fake news by building a new economic model based on the relationship between author and end user.
We are revolutionizing the world publishing market with a system in which, those who are looking for news, have the certainty that what they are reading is true and therefore willing to remunerate the value of this information. On the other hand, those who are committed to conducting surveys, in-depth studies or research know that if they do a good job, they will find on the web who is willing to pay for it.
Confidently, through a system of smart contracts, a virtual wallet and a linked crypto coin, is the system we are building to put in contact those who produce quality news with those who are willing to pay them, with a virtual currency or viewing advertising content.
Revolutionize the publishing and self-publishing industry market by eliminating the Fake News problem.

img-startup-BroxLab Confidently