BL.outdoor S.r.l.

image_startup_BL.outdoor S.r.l.

Startup name: BL.outdoor S.r.l.
Registered Office: Italia, Pollone
Established in: 9/05/2018
Startup Category: Tourism
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Ludovico Bizzocchi


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BL.outdoor S.r.l.

Skouty allows everyone, with a simple click, to find the perfect sport for a unique experience anywhere all over the world.
The business, started in Italy, will soon improve abroad.
The system works by an application that will connect a wide list of outdoor sports to a selected database of professionals available on demand. It will allow its users to access and search in a wide range of sport activities choosing the preferred field and location.
The promotion of sharing the experience with family and friends it’s easy and well recommended to boost the passion for sports and mental health.