BionIT Labs

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Startup name: BionIT Labs
Registered Office: Italia, Lecce
Established in: 23/02/2018
Startup Category: Life Science
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (PIN - Pugliesi Innovativi call for funds (30k€ grant), 2nd place at Digithon 2018, 3rd place at Heroes meet in Maratea 2018, Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Program, Solidworks for Entrepreneur Program)
Founders: Giovanni Zappatore, Matteo Aventaggiato, Federico Gaetani


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BionIT Labs

BionIT Labs is a startup which applies Information Technologies to Bionics in order to Turn Disabilities into New Possibilities.

Our Mission is not limited to the restoration of the users missing limbs basic functionalities. We want to potentiate them through means that could enormously simplify their life, e.g. related to home automation or IoT: Technology at the user fingertips.

Our Vision is about a world in which disabilities are not seen by people as discriminating or destabilizing factors, but instead as new chances to approach – and interact with – our environment and our society, leading to a massive cultural and social impact.

BionIT Labs’​ first device is Adam’s Hand (, a myoelectric hand prosthesis based on a patent-pending fully-adaptive mechanism that is capable of automatically conforming the device’s fingers to the grasped objects shape and dimensions, using just one motor that actuates all the phalanges: this way it always ensures the most stable grip, since the contact forces are equally distributed among the fingers. This leads to obtain our key value proposition, which is also the most important features desired by upper-limb amputees: an extremely simple and intuitive control of the device; in fact, the user can interact with Adam’s Hand by simply contracting the forearm flexors (close hand) or extensors (open hand) muscles, without performing complex opposite muscles co-contraction or movements combination as in the case of our competitors’ devices, thus needing really few visual attention to perform the grasping action.
Using a single motor allows also to obtain a lighter, more compact, less loud and low-power device at a price up to 1/3 of the competitors’ ones.
The inner mechanism is built with high-resistance metals, while the hand shell and the fingers are 3D printed using high-quality plastic in order to make them easily customizable in size (no other prosthetic device in the world presents this feature), helping the users retaining their anthropometric identity, especially compared to the standardized sizes of our competitors’ fingers.
Adam’s Hand will also implement a waterproof (IP67) design, allowing the user to perform many activities of daily living which needs the interaction with water and other fluids.

img-startup-BionIT Labs