Bagtrax Ltd

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Startup name: Bagtrax Ltd
Registered Office: UK, London
Established in: 2/12/2015
Startup Category: Tourism
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Chosen among the world most innovative 10 travel startups by South Summit 2018 edition)
Founders: Pietro Lanzarini, Marco Villanti


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Bagtrax Ltd

We patented a multi-sensor device and the embedded algorithm: the device is capable of tracking checked-in luggage worldwide by sending its geo-localization from inside the luggage in a safe mode. Fully compliant with aviation safety regulations. Paired with the device we offer a free app to personalize tracking and query our remote server, to buy travel insurance packages and to receive immediate compensation in case of lost or delayed luggage and cancelled or delayed flight

img-startup-Bagtrax Ltd