Startup name: Awhy
Registered Office: Italy, Bologna
Established in: 7/07/2015
Startup Category: AI
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Tim Wcap Bologna 2015; Barcamper Garage Acceleration 2016; EGI Booster (Barcelona) 2017; Nana bianca Hubble + E-qube 2018.)
Founders: Nabil Arafin, Gianmarco Nicoletti, Emanuele Pucci


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Awhy is a suite specifically thought for the customer care service, installable on every website with a few clicks.
Three are the main modules:
• Live Chat: chat for the customer care agent. The user who browsers the website can ask the chat his/her own questions, and the agent will reply.
• Chatbot: the real Awhy’s engine. It can automatically answer the user’s questions: thanks to the proprietary algorithms that use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Awhy can naturally conversate with the users, learning and improving itself day after day.
• Ticketing Mail: the customer care can use the ticketing mail to manage all the requests that have not received an answer yet.
The solution comprehends a back panel to manage all the requests, the customer care agents and the chatbot.
The proprietary technology is totally customizable and adaptable to the market trends and needs, has an accuracy of 93% and can solve up to the 85% of the total requests automatically.