Startup name: Authentico
Registered Office: Italia, Napoli
Established in: 19/01/2017
Startup Category: Food
Financing round: no
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Condindustria - Premio BEST PRACTICES per l'innovazione)
Founders: Giuseppe Coletti, Gennaro Cirillo, Giancarlo Panico


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Authentico is the best free app to help you recognize the authentic Italian food.Just because it seems Italian, doesn’t mean it’s original. Stop paying more for fake Italian products, Authentico is your app companion to buy only real Italian wine and food.
Authentico helps you cook the food you bought with the original Italian recipes. Furthermore, there are thousands of Italian restaurants all around the world, but only a few really cook Italian, with original Italian products and Italian recipes. Authentico will let you discover the original Italian restaurants near you.
Our mission is to support Italian food & wine companies to sell more abroad, to protect and increase the value of their products. We provide a decision support system that can support the management in choosing the markets with the greatest potential; all this without forcing to adopt new codes, new labels or change the packaging. It’s simple and easy.