Srl Srl

Startup name: Srl
Registered Office: Italia, milano
Established in: 25/04/2015
Startup Category: IoT
Financing round: yes
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: yes (Goodenergyaward 2016 & TVLP immersion program (federmanager) )
Founders: Marco Zanchi, 41, serial entrepreneur. He was consultant for medium size companies for over 20 years. Graduated in Informatics in Milan., Alessandro Benedetti, 39, IT manager. He developed the first SMS gateway in Italy to send more than 1000 SMS/second. Graduated in Informatics in Milan.


facebook twitter linkedin site-web site-web Srl choosed to enter in smart home market because of a simple idea: the problem with the smarthome devices, already on the market, is that they are developed using old technologies and this means that these devices are hard to use and very expensive.

So, we decided to use mobile technologies inside houses developing domoki.

Domoki is a microcomputer that fits inside the wall and replaces standard switches.
Domoki is simple to install and doesn’t change the appearance of the home because it uses the same cover as before.
It can be used with its touchscreen, a mobile application, but even with voice commands or other domoki installed in the home.
Domoki can control every electrical device and could be used as a smart thermostat too.
Moreover domoki has not only an accessible price, but is very simple to install because is totally wireless and it uses only the electrical cable that are already in the walls.
Domoki can measure the electrical consumption of devices and give home owners 30% of saving on energy bills.
At the end domoki is compatible with Zigbee standard protocol, so it can integrate tens of devices already on the market like for example IKEA and Osram bulbs, smartplug, relays and a lot of sensors. Srl