4w MarketPlace

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Startup name: 4w MarketPlace
Registered Office: Italia, Fisciano
Established in: 1/01/2008
Startup Category: Advertising
Financing round: yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype: yes
Competitions/Prizes won: no

Founders: Alberto Fioravanti, Gabriele Ronchini, Roberto Bassani


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4w MarketPlace

4w MarketPlace is an advertising network aggregating thousands of sites of digital publishers to monetize their spaces through the management of campaigns of all top brands, both in cooperation with media agencies and with direct advertisers. Technology is the basis of the whole management process and the 4w solution consists on a proprietary suite, developed and constantly updated to the highest standards, integrated with the best solutions available on the market for management in reservation and programmatic.

4w MarketPlace is an indipendent Italian company, founded in 2008 within Digital Magics, incubator for innovative startups, listed on AIM Italy. 4w established itself in the Italian market with the management in exclusivity of a specific adv format (Native Ads) of the PPN Consortium (RCS and L’Espresso). Over the years it expanded its business with Video and Display formats thanks to a corporate operation with Dada group, becoming the only network in Italy to manage the three product lines.

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