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Altheia Science

Twenty amazing startups to innovate our world

We are very pleased to announce the 20 startups selected by Fenox VC ( for the final pitch during StartupItalia Open Summit. The best 3 will have the opportunity to compete in our plenary section and become the national champion.

They will do their best to inspire and convince our jury of experts: Giuseppe Donvito, Ilaria Potito, Davide Turco, Marco Bicocchi Pichi, Fausta Pavesio and Stefano Mainetti.

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The best startup will become Italy Regional Winner and will have the double opportunity to first participate at the European Final to be held in Prague on April 10th, 2019 ( 500,000 EUROS) and then fly to San Francisco on May 17th, 2019 having the opportunity to win the Startup World Cup #SWC19          (ONE MILLION DOLLAR).

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Giuseppe Donvito
P101 Venture

Ilaria Potito
TIM Wcap

Davide Turco
Indaco VC

Marco Bicocchi Pichi
Former Italia Startup Association

Fausta Pavesio
Investor Board Member
VP Smartup Capital

Stefano Mainetti
CEO at PoliHub
Startup District & Incubator
Politecnico di Milano

Here is the full list of the selected startups


CEO Giorgio Finzi, Italy:

4gifters solves online gifting by allowing users to gift/group gift products from world known brands and deliver them “gift message” instantly via email or text. the receiver will confirm the gift (size/colour) and select home delivery or in-store pick up.

Altheia Science

CEO Paolo Rizzardi, Italy:

Via a one-time stem cell gene therapy aimed at reverting the root cause of the disease, Altheia  developes  transformative therapies for Type I Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis, characterized by autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing β cells and myelin, respectively, leading to severe clinical sequelae and death. No definitive cure is available.

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CEO Stefano Onofri, Italy:

Centralized server farms are heavily polluting, have single points of failures for our data security and ultimately force people&businesses to choose between effectiveness and affordability. Cubbit is the distributed data-center that recycles the internet resources we waste to transform them into encrypted eco-sustainable web-services to be sold to SMEs.

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CEO Alberto Scarpa, Italy:

Number of people affected by eye diseases taking to blindness is increasing caused by increasing of aging. Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration are some these diseases. D-EYE is a platform hardware and software to early detection and screening of these diseases. It is based on smartphone and AI.

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DeepTrace Technologies S.R.L.

CEO Christian Salvatore, Italy:

“1/3 of population will die with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in 2030. No cure exists. Pharma companies waste 30Bdollars enrolling wrong subjects for clinical trials (late AD, misdiagnosed AD).
Our software “TRACE4AD” is able to identify AD at an early phase, when radiologists and neuropsychologists cannot detect AD signs.”


CEO Giulio Manno, Italy:

“Customers Problems: It’s not easy to find a tailor updated with a good taste and value for money. Shops are expensive and men are not interested in shopping.
Sartorialist Problems: opening a fashion store is expensive and risky.
Tailors Problems: they are not able to export high quality clothes abroad.”

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CEO Walter Ambu:

We help customers to bring to production highly customized, cloud native enterprise applications substantially faster than their competitors. Entando solves 3 specific problems: it harmonizes applications’ user experience, accelerates time to market and improves development efficiency and agility, through UX / UI patterns reuse and application development new techniques.

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Eucardia srl

CEO Marco Bottaro:

“Heart failure is a condition that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood. In EU and USA, it affects about 15M people (+40% by 2030).
Eucardia is developing Heart Damper, a revolutionary device. Once implanted, it causes the heart to pump more blood without need of external energy sources.”

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CEO Francesco Giartosio:

“We make AR glasses for remote assistance. They are used to guide remotely an unskilled worker who needs to maintain a machine he does not know.
We will also sell the opto-electronic component as OEM to the manufacturers of helmets, for the same purpose.”

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CEO Fabrizio Cardinali:

Despite huge potential, smart-speakers, with limited 3% professional markets penetration, haven’t yet made it to the desktops of Healthcare Doctors, Industry Managers or Banking Consultants, due to concerns with current cloud only models. MYWAI is a new generation smart-speaker delivering chipbased AI and Natural Language Understanding directly at the edge.

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Oval Money

CEO Benedetta Arese Lucini:

Young adults today believe there are no options open to them to access investment products for their future. Through machine learning Oval Money learns users’ financial and lifestyle behaviours and uses the data collected to encourage them to accumulate capital for the purpose of investing.

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Prometheus Srl

Co-founder Alice Michelangeli, Italy:

Prometheus creates 3D living tissues for pharmaceutical tests and wounds care, through a technology developed by Prometheus team. This technology allows to realize tissues almost equal to human ones.The first product is a second skin, using patient’s own blood we create a skin that heals chronic wounds in half time.

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CEO Niccolò Sala, Italy:

Q-Walk is an innovative medical wearable device created by QuicklyPro®️. It allows those affected by neurodegenerative diseases to move safely thanks to personalized visual feed-backs projected to the ground. It is equipped with an AI that allows the continuous collection of data, usable by an intuitive App.


CEO Cosimo Calciano:

The problem we are targeting is the high water waste in agriculture. We offer an IoT system (sensors, weather stations, valves) to monitor the soil and to automate the irrigation, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms predictions. The aim of our system is to save up to the 50% of water.


CEO Nicola Mona, Switzerland:

Renewable energy sources are still too expensive and not really suitable to make a real impact. Skypull develops an innovative wind energy technology that is both economically viable and globally scalable. It is more versatile and better deployable than a wind turbine and offers up to 50% cost reduction.

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SmartIsland Group

CEO Maria Luisa Cinquerrui, italy:

Smartisland is the owner of Daiki technology, able to monitor the cultivation cycle of a plant and a cultivation, preventing any diseases and virus outbreaks. Daiki saves 40% of water, energy and fertilizer resources.

Tactile Robots

CEO Riccardo Tomese, Italy:

Reduces the costs of personnel of hotels, restaurants, fast food, hospitals and other commercial spaces by automating the delivery of food, drinks and other goods. Tactile makes mobile robots safer and more user-friendly by giving them the sense of touch thanks to a soft pressure sensitive skin.

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CEO Marco Bernardi, Italy:

Vegea has created VegeaTextile, a bio-based leather produced using the grape marc, the main leftover of winemaking. VegeaTextile has the same technical and aestetical features than both animal and synthetic leather, but its origin is natural and its production process is more sustainable than the conventional ones.

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Co-founder Paolo Obino, Italy:

The operators of Circular Economy that would like to use Secondary Raw Materials in their production processes face difficulties in meeting each other.
Wastly puts in contact SRM’s producers with their industrial clients to sell and buy SRMs on line, guaranteeing authorization and certification.

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CEO Francesco Magro, Italy:

Winelivery is the best way to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages. Our mission is to combine speed and convenience of on-demand delivery together with high quality products at the right temperature: we’re the best answer to the customer who are looking to something to drink ready for consumption.

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