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Marco Montemagno

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Get to know Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker, broadcaster.

Marco is the Founder of Slashers and has an online community of over 700K people.

Marco curated and hosted Reporter Diffuso, Italy’s foremost television program about the internet on Sky News – Sky TG24 – for 7 years, interviewing thousands of leaders and innovators in the tech and media world in front of millions of viewers every Saturday morning.
A prolific public speaker Marco’s engagements range from one-to-one interviews with well known figures such as Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) in front of 1,500 people to live interviews with: Al Gore, Jeff Bezos, Nicholas Negroponte and many more…
You can see him as speaker/moderator around the world – he is moderator and Artistic Director of IAB Italy 2017, he is moderator of Sap Forum (2016 and 2017), he was at Social Media World Forum (London), Cloud World Forum, IDCEE (Kiev), Techcrunch Italy (Rome), SearchLove (London) – and you can read about his presentation skills here (“The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience” by best seller author Carmine Gallo, has a paragraph about Marco) and here (Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds). He was the day’s host for “Techcrunch Disrupt 2012/2013 in Rome co-MC @ LeWeb 2012 in Paris.
Marco’s projects and skills have been featured by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Techcrunch,The Examiner, GeekTime, Forbes and he has worked as speaker/MC for many large companies such as Google, SAP, IBM, Telecom, Sky, Microsoft, Oracle, Ford, Telecom, IAB, Epson, Illy, L’Oreal.
He has been instrumental in the promotion of the internet and digital economy to Italian businesses and consumers via successful events to reveal the opportunities presented by the Internet.
Marco was founding organizer of Social Media Week Italy (over 500 events, 500 speakers, 80.000 visitors in 3 editions), Codice Internet (a tour of Italian cities with a tech show in theaters), Al Gore Meets Bloggers (600 bloggers live on TV) and Startup Train (1.000 startuppers on a high speed train!).
He has been through every medium (TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers), doing presentations in the most desperate conditions, from town squares to castles, from mega conventions of 5,000 people to hotel rooms with 2 people, from meetings at nursing homes with eighty-year-olds to face-to-face meetings with sixteen-year-olds behind school desks.
Previously Marco launched a startup to promote new media and technologies to Italian politicians, connecting the political world with digital innovation and opportunity and he was co founder and CEO of Blogosfere, one of largest and most influential blog networks subsequently acquired by Populis.
Marco lives in the UK with his wife and children.
He loves table tennis and in a previous life was ranked n° 3 in Italy. He is considering a comeback for the next Olympics…