9:30 - 11:00

Unstoppable Women: Science, Innovation and Leadership the keys to the new feminism

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Science, innovation and leadership are the key success factors of the new wave of feminism” – with Alessandra Lomonaco, Daniela Poggio, Seble Woldeghiorghis

From the United States, where they conquered the House of Deputies, to the great rallies that took place in Rome and Turin, women are proving that when they get together, they can make a difference.

After the introduction of the Golfo-Mosca Law, approved by the Italian Parliament in 2011, more women accessed Boards of Directors. This Initiative has improved the quality of Boards with more graduated members, younger profiles and an overall more diverse and balanced composition.
Nevertheless there is still a long way to go. Gender way and family care work are the most important aspects that rank Italy at the lowest position on gender gap according to the World Economic Forum.
What are the ingredients for a society able to overcome the gender inequality?

During the workshop we will present the results of a research on 1000 women’s startup developed by Startupitalia! in collaboration with Unioncamere and Valore D which will indetify the profile of these startups, their perspectives and ambitions.



Introduction by Anna Chiara Gaudenzi e Chiara Trombetta
Chaired by Daniela Poggio, Alessandra Lomonaco, Seble Woldeghiorghis
Cinzia Loiodice, Country Manager Brics4Kidz
Darya Majidi,Ceo Daxo Group e autrice “Donne 4.0”
Lucia Bottecchia. Wise Growth
Giulia Lotti, SheTech
Isabella Falautano, Chief Communication Illimity


(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change