9:30 - 11:00

Sport & Innovation: the revolution is coming

A winning triad that which links sport, innovation and startups. The Agenda of the Sistema Italia is in vast evolution and the FIGC has just won the “Creativity and Innovation UEFA Award” in the Engagement class thanks to the FIGC Hackathon in Trento. Meanwhile Milano will host the CIO assembly in September of 2019 and Italy the European Under 21 Championship of 2019, while Milano-Cortina are candidates for the Winter Olympic Games of 2026. Innovation therefore becomes a strategic element, universal and across-the-board – and sport is a particularly pioneering field of application towards global innovation. But what are the implications for society, wellness and quality of life? With the participation of which actors? Furthermore: what can be done in the field of smart cities, sport stakeholders and startups? How can a virtuous alliance be established, forming a team and internationalizing the good ideas?

Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè
, Professor of Strategy at the SDA Bocconi School of Management
Federico Smanio, WyLab CEO
Donatella Minelli, Coordinatrice Scuola dello Sport del CONI
Vito di Gioia, Segretario Generale FIGC SGS (Settore Giovanile e Scolastico)
Giulio Di Feo, Journalist, La Gazzetta dello Sport
Roberta Guaineri, Lawyer at Studio De Castiglione Guaineri, Municipal Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life – City of Milan

Chaired by Francesco Anesi Institutional coordinator of Hackathon FIGC



(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change